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    Our Engineering team provides you with professional OEM services and supports you in any aspect with comprehensive manufacturing lines and strict quality inspections.

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    Our R&D team and expert engineers provide you with extraordinary ODM services and support you in any aspect with the most creative yet practical designs and quality productions.

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    Our experts and experienced practitioners provide you with diverse solutions in Whole-house bamboo customization.

  • A factory with over 12 years of production experience


    A factory with over 12 years of production experience

    Our factory Sunton Houseware is located in Longyan City, China, covering an area of 206,240 square meters with 10,000 acres of bamboo forests. With over 12 years of experience, we have more than 6 production lines and over 200 pieces of equipment.

  • The Finest Quality Raw Materials


    The Finest Quality Raw Materials

    The raw materials for our bamboo products primarily come from Longyan, Fujian, a region known for its abundant bamboo resources. By controlling the source of materials and utilizing advanced production techniques, we ensure visually appealing products of superior quality.

  • Professional Team Ensuring Smooth Sailing


    Professional Team Ensuring Smooth Sailing

    Magic Bamboo boasts a professional business and design team, providing comprehensive services from concept to product realization. We offer personalized customization services, ensuring mutual success.

  • A factory with over 12 years of production experience
  • The Finest Quality Raw Materials
  • Professional Team Ensuring Smooth Sailing
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